Arborist Reporting

Tree Pruning

At Doyle Tree Services Inc we can remove any stump you may have. Our compact stump grinding machine fits into most backyards and tight spots, allowing us to safely remove your stumps. Sometimes tree stumps that are not removed can grow back into an unwanted tree, so it is best to remove the stump.

Stump Grinding

At Doyle Tree Services Inc we recognize the benefits that healthy trees provide our communities. We offer a full range of tree planting options for our customers, and can assist with the right selection of specie best suited to your needs.

Tree Removal


Municipalities across southern Ontario often require an arborist report to accompany any permit application submissions.

As certified arborists, we can provide you with an up to date arborist report that outlines the condition of your tree, as well as the nature of the work you wish to perform.

Doyle Tree Services can assist you with your tree project from start to finish. Our company's knowledgable staff offers a complete service beginning with an arborist report and permit application, followed by the removal/pruning of tree, the stump grinding, and finally the planting of a new species of tree.

We are confident in our ability to serve all of your tree permit needs, and will help save you time and energy when it comes to dealing with municipalities. 
Our experienced team of professionals will always give you their honest opinion on the health of your tree, and ensure that  your application is submitted on time, and on budget.
We are unable to guarantee that every application submitted will be approved, but will always provide you with the the best information to help you make the best decision for your trees.

Tree Planting

At Doyle Tree Services Inc we offer a full range of tree pruning options that will guarantee your tree gets the best possible attention to maintain its future health. Sometimes we can help to save a tree from removal by offering a viable pruning option for it that would extend the life of the tree. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible option for your trees, and to eliminate any problems or concerns you may have.

At Doyle Tree Services Inc we understand that trees reach a stage in their life where they must be removed. We provide you with a full range of professional and safe tree removal options that can accommodate your needs. Depending on where you are located, your tree may require a city permit in order for it to be removed. Individuals who do not comply with these by-laws can face a significant fine. Below are links to websites that may be able to assist you in determining if you require a permit for your tree.